Does Your Home Need An Upgrade? 4 Reasons You Should Switch To Vinyl Siding

30 July 2016
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If your home is looking worse-for-wear, you might want to consider giving it a major makeover.  To do that, you're going to need more than just a fresh coat of paint. You're going to need vinyl siding. If you've never thought about having vinyl siding installed on your home, you may be shortchanging yourself. Here are four reasons why you should have the exterior of your home upgraded to vinyl siding. Read More 

Three Ways To Improve Your Front Door’s Energy Efficiency

17 July 2016
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The front door of your home isn't just a place for you to exit or enter. The front door is also a place where air can easily escape or enter in from the outside, making it harder to keep the temperature in your home regulated. Making your front door more energy efficient is how you can avoid this problem. Here are a few tips to get you started. Close The Door Read More 

How To Replace A Single Pane Of Glass In A Wood Frame With A Glass Block Pane

30 June 2016
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If you want to add interest to a window, replace the glass with glass block window. Glass block window panes save energy, and they allow more light without sacrificing privacy. It can be done by a beginning DIY enthusiast. Here are some tips to replace a single window pane with a glass block. Prepare to Work For this project, you need: work gloves pencil soft cloth measuring tape pliers putty knife flat-blade screwdriver hair dryer hammer cardboard strips the size of the blocks or wood spacers wood shims cement-based glass block mortar trowel wood preservative caulk and caulk gun wood trim glass block pane Measure the height and width of the window opening excluding the frame, and add about one-fourth of an inch to allow for mortar. Read More 

Things To Consider When Choosing Blinds

27 May 2016
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There are so many options for window treatments for a home that it can be difficult to decide just which one is best for any given window. Blinds are a common choice, as they allow a window to be covered for privacy while still letting in light (or not) as you choose. Material Blinds come in a number of different materials, from the inexpensive vinyl and aluminum blinds to the more classy (and more expensive) wood blinds. Read More 

Need New Windows? Tips For Narrowing Down Your Selection

10 May 2016
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Many homeowners get stuck with the windows the previous owner selected. This can make it exciting to get new windows for your home because you will have total control over the exact kind you get. The selection can seem overwhelming, so here is a breakdown of some popular window options to help narrow down the selection process. Know Your Window Materials If you want a window that is easy to maintain, wood is out of the question due to the maintenance that is necessary over the years to keep it looking good. Read More