Things To Consider When Choosing Blinds

27 May 2016
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There are so many options for window treatments for a home that it can be difficult to decide just which one is best for any given window. Blinds are a common choice, as they allow a window to be covered for privacy while still letting in light (or not) as you choose.


Blinds come in a number of different materials, from the inexpensive vinyl and aluminum blinds to the more classy (and more expensive) wood blinds. Wood blinds give the room a warm feeling and can even add value to a home, but those who want the look without the expense may want to consider faux wood. Fabric blinds are another option but tend to be on the more expensive side. Some materials, such as wood, are better for darkening a room than others, like certain types of fabric. Wood with vertical strips of fabric in between the slots is especially good for this purpose.

Slat Size

Another consideration is the size of the slats. These range in size from 1 1/2 cm to 5 cm. Narrower slats tend to look more contemporary, while wider slats are considered more old fashioned. Just keep in mind that it will take a lot longer to clean blinds with 1 1/2-cm slats than those with wider slats because there will be more of them.


It's possible to get blinds in a wide variety of different colors. This means you can even sometimes match them to the colors used in a room's decor. Wood blinds can also be painted or stained to achieve a variety of different looks. It's more common to get neutral colors, however, so they'll still work in a room even if the decor changes. Colored blinds also draw the attention more to the blinds, which isn't always what a homeowner would want. Other items in the room often make better focal points. 


Fabric blinds can be vacuumed lightly or spot treated but may be difficult to keep clean. Wood blinds typically just need a light dusting and shouldn't be soaked with water. Faux wood blinds can be dusted or wiped clean with a damp cloth. Vinyl and aluminum blinds can be washed in water, wiped clean or dusted.


Families with small children may want to consider blinds that are cordless or that come with safety cord cleats to help keep the cords out of reach of children. It's also possible to get motorized blinds that are operated with a remote control.