Replacing The Blinds In Your New Apartment When Moving In

23 February 2023
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Window treatments can have different roles in your home, and apartment blinds are often installed for privacy and to control the light coming through the windows. Installing new blinds when you move into a new apartment is a good idea, and there are many styles to choose from that allow you to tailor the look and function to your specific needs. 

Getting Permission

If you move into an apartment that does not have window treatments or blinds already installed, you may need to check with your landlord to ensure they are okay with you putting apartment blinds up and mounting the brackets to the walls or window openings. Many times the lease terms will determine if you can put holes in the wall and how you deal with them when you are ready to move. 

If you need to put in new brackets that require drilling holes or adding wall anchors, the apartment manager or landlord may require that their maintenance person mounts the support brackets for you. Check your lease carefully before you put up new apartment blinds or any window treatments to ensure you will not run into a problem that could result in a fine or charge when you move out. 

Choosing Blinds

When you are ready to install new apartment blinds, selecting a set that looks great in your room and offers the functionality you need is essential. For many people, blinds limit the ability of others to see into the apartment, offering privacy and security that can be vital. 

Other times the blinds may need to block light coming in to keep your room cooler or to allow you to sleep during the day if you work at night. While many apartment blinds on the market will work for most situations, if you need something specific, visit the local home center or window treatment store to see what is available and pick something for your home. 

Size And Material

When picking out new apartment blinds, you need to have the measurements for the windows with you to ensure you get the correct sizes. Blinds typically come in sizes that cover a window range, and most mount inside the window opening, so measure from the inside of one side to the inside of the other to get the best fit. 

The material portions are also something to consider. Blinds come in fabric, plastic, and wood designs, and most are interchangeable but can vary in price. For apartment blinds, most people choose plastic, but if you want to spice things up, you can add something custom, then take them with you when you leave and hope the next apartment has similar size windows.   

For more info about apartment blinds, contact a local company.