Swap Out A Window Well Wall And Cover

25 August 2022
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A window well replacement involves swapping out the bracing material that surrounds a window and choosing a cover design that is compatible. If your window well materials have become damaged, the following steps will guide you in upgrading them. 

A Window Well's Role

Home and business owners who have access to a basement may decide to have windows installed in it. The addition of a window or two will allow natural light in. Access to natural light will increase the use value of a basement. In some jurisdictions, an egress window needs to be installed. This type of window is large enough for a person to fit through. If an egress window has been added to a basement, a property owner may have decided to install a ladder underneath the window (along the interior wall).

The ladder provides a safe way to exit the window. If a fire, a flood, or another potentially dangerous situation occurred, an occupant of a basement may need to exit the premises immediately. This may involve the need to exit a window that is surrounded by a window well.

The Materials

Polyethylene and polycarbonate are two plastic types that window wells are made of. Galvanized steel and wood are some alternate materials that are used to construct a well wall. The wall prevents dirt from infiltrating the space that surrounds a window. Most well setups contain drainage tubes. The drainage tubes prevent rainwater from pooling around the basement windows.

A cover is typically secured to the top of a window well wall. The cover may be built into a sidewalk or may simply be surrounded by grass. A cover will typically have a grated surface. The grated pattern will allow rainwater and sunlight to filter through the cover. An excavation process will be essential when pulling out the window well casing. The excavation steps will allow access to the bottom of the well casing.

If the original well design failed, a contractor might advise a property owner about superior products that will be more adequate. A wooden window well could become damaged over time, especially if the wood hasn't been treated with a preservative.

A window well that is constructed of plastic or a noncorrosive metal product will last a long time. Some window well products may be designed to match a particular cover style. Upon removing the original well pieces, a contractor may clean the drain pipes. Afterward, they will install and anchor the new well wall and cover.