Dramatically Improve Curb Appeal With The Right Shutters

26 July 2022
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Making adjustments to the windows at home can mean altering the appearance, privacy, and even temperature regulation. While tinting or interior treatments such as curtains and blinds can make a difference, exterior shutters can also make a significant difference in how your home looks.

Before making such a drastic change to your home, consider the following tips for choosing shutters you'll love even years after the installation.

Choose a Complementary Color

An easy way to improve your home's curb appeal with shutters is to choose a color that suits your home best. It can be frustrating to have new shutters installed that are the same color as your home or drastically different in color. Deciding on a color scheme for these shutters can be as easy as setting up a mock design of your home with color swatches.

Being flexible over your initial choices and trying out different colors can ensure that the exterior of your home looks fantastic once the shutters are installed.

Consider Your Home's Style

Regardless of whether your home has a Victorian, Colonial, or another style entirely, you'll want the shutters to fit in seamlessly. An excellent option to consider is raised-panel shutters due to their simple design and the ability to blend into nearly any style of home. Once you start branching out to more unique shutters, including Louvered or Bahama shutters, you'll need to ensure it suits the exterior of your home.

Finding a good fit for your home with the style of shutters best suited for your home can ensure that you won't be disappointed with the exterior. 

Check Out the Neighboring Homes

Before committing to any particular style of shutters for your home, it makes sense to consider some of the other houses in the neighborhood. It can surprise you to find that many homes have the same kind of shutters in terms of style or color.

Consider how much you want your home to suit the neighborhood and if there are any restrictions about the shutters you can have installed. Whether you want your home to stand out or not, it's wise to do this early research into what shutters are around your area.

Finding the ideal shutters for your windows requires some planning due to all the options available and how much they differ in appearance. By considering the above tips and what kind of style you envision for your home, you should notice a significant improvement to the exterior of your home.