2 Bathroom Window Options You Should Consider

27 May 2022
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Bathrooms are among the home spaces that need the most privacy. In addition, your bathroom space should be well lit and ventilated. However, these requirements bring up a conflict. You probably don't want to take a shower in the dark. 

Consider windows that provide adequate lighting and do not violate your privacy in your bathroom. Discover two bathroom window options you can try for your new home or your home upgrade project.

1. Obscure Glass Windows

Obscure glass windows offer an obscured view. The windows are also known as privacy glass. These windows are contemporary windows that bring style and beauty to your space because of the decorative patterns in some of them. In addition, obscure windows maximize visual aesthetics, security, and natural lighting. There are two main types of obscure glass windows; sandblasted and acid-etched.

Sandblasted glass is a common surface with a sand-like texture. On the other hand, acid-etched windows have a frost translucent appearance and a rough surface due to the abrasive action of acid on glass.

Other types vary according to the amount of light passing through them. They consist of tinted, reflective, textured, patterned, and frosted glass. Visit your local window services experts to choose the one you will fancy the most.

2. Double-Glazed Windows

Double-glazed windows, also known as double-paned windows, consist of two glass panes with an air cavity in between the panes. These windows apply for heat insulation purposes and noise control. However, you can also use them in your bathrooms.

In bathroom applications, double-glazed windows serve thermal comfort purposes. You would not want to get in a cold bathroom during cold seasons. A double-glazed bathroom window will prevent heat loss to the surroundings as the air trapped between the panes retains heat. This feature keeps your bathroom warm and comfortable during the cold season.

Besides, mold build-up and condensation are common in cold months. Condensation occurs when warm moist air lands on a cold surface. Mold build-up occurs in damp conditions and could cause the building materials such as timber to rot and even cause cracks on concrete. Double glaze prevents extreme humid conditions in your bathroom because it prevents extreme cold temperatures in your bathroom.

Therefore, double-glazed windows keep you comfortable and reduce repair costs that you may incur later due to mold and moisture damage.


You now have two great bathroom window options for your new home or home upgrade. These window types will improve your home value and give you the bathroom comfort and privacy you desire. First, however, work with expert window services contractors to get quality services.