Skylight Products Homeowners May Need

15 March 2022
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A skylight can be an important feature of your house. However, individuals might not appreciate the various components or upgrades that they can include with their skylights. This can leave them less able to maximize the results that they get from this part of their home.

The Skylight Pane Itself 

The pane that is used for the skylight will be an important factor that is often overlooked. However, having a quality skylight pane can reduce the risk of a leak developing with the skylight, and the pane can have an impact on the overall energy efficiency of the skylight. For these reasons, it can be worth investing in a skylight pane that is made of energy-efficient materials. This can allow the home to enjoy the natural light that the skylight may let into the home while avoiding unwanted or unintended heat transfer.

Automated Curtains Or Covers For The Skylight

There may be times when you are not wanting there to be large amounts of light coming through these panes. When this is the case, having automatic blinds or other covers for the skylight can provide you with the capability of being able to conveniently block the light. Many of these systems will be controlled through a remote, but if you have a number of these skylights and automated blinds, you may find that a central control panel can be the more efficient and intuitive way of controlling them. While this may be less convenient than using a remote, it can still save you from the need to manually open or close these covers.

Tints For The Skylight

Applying a tint to the skylights is a simple way of making the light that is entering through them less intense. In addition to traditional dark tints, there are also tints that are almost clear. Rather than trying to adjust the visible light that is entering through the skylight, these options may be more focused on blocking damaging ultraviolet light. Over the years, this wavelength of light will be able to cause significant bleaching of the floors or pieces of furniture that it may hit. Applying a tint to the interior of the skylight is one option for providing you with a higher degree of control over the wavelengths and quantity of light that may enter the home. If you are adding a tint film to a skylight that has been installed for some time, it will have to be thoroughly cleaned to remove dust or dirt that could interfere with the bond between the tinted film the skylight pane.

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