The Dos and Don'ts of Using Hurricane Shutters

4 May 2021
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Hurricane resistant shutters can provide invaluable protection for you and your home in the event of a hurricane. If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, having these shutters installed on your home can easily mean the difference between minimal damage to your home in the event of a storm or returning home after being evacuated to find that your home has been completed destroyed. However, to ensure that you are enjoying the maximum level of protection that these shutters can provide, it is vital that you learn the dos and don'ts of installing hurricane shutters on your home. 

Do Have Your Hurricane Shutters Installed Professionally

Ensuring that your hurricane shutters are installed properly is an important part of not only ensuring maximum protection but also protecting any warranty that may come along with the purchase of your new shutters. This is why you should always have the initial installation of your shutters done by a qualified professional. 

Don't Leave Your Shutters Up All Year

While it may be tempting to leave your shutters in place all year round rather than going through the process of deploying your shutters only if a storm is imminent, choosing to give in to this temptation can actually cause a fire hazard inside your home. In the event of a fire, you may find that you are unable to exit your home and emergency personnel are unable to get into your home using your windows. This can be a serious problem that could potentially put your life and life of your loved ones in danger. 

Do Have Your Shutters Inspected Annually

For your hurricane shutters to provide the maximum level of protection possible, you will need to ensure that they are in good working order. The best way to accomplish this goal is to have your shutters inspected once a year before the onset of hurricane season. This type of annual inspection will allow you to detect any damage or worn parts and have them repaired before you could potentially find yourself facing a major storm without fully functional shutters in place.

Don't Attempt to Use Plywood as a Substitute 

Far too many people think that plywood is an acceptable substitute for hurricane-resistant shutters. This simply is not the case. While plywood is better than nothing at all, it does not provide anywhere near the same level of protection as hurricane shutters. This is because hurricane shutters are specifically designed to withstand the extreme winds that your home will encounter during a hurricane, plywood is not made to withstand these high winds and will often fail to protect your home.