The Window Style Guide To Custom Home Designs, Renovations And Remodeling To Give Your Home The Look You Want

26 May 2020
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If you are building a custom home or doing major renovations and remodeling, choosing the right windows is an important step in the process, you will want the windows to have a style and design that matches your home. Therefore, you want to know the different custom window options, materials, and features that you can use for the new windows. The following custom window style guide will help you choose the right windows for your project to give your home the look you want.

Conventional Window Sashes With Double-Hung Style Windows For Bedrooms And Other Spaces

The first option that you will want to consider for the custom windows in your home is double-hung units. These are the conventional windows that open vertically and have top and bottom sashes. These windows can be made of many different materials and have many different custom features, which include:

  • Double- or triple-paned windows in one unit
  • Additional custom windows and glass
  • Single-hung design
  • Picture glass or grids between double pane glass

These are some of the different options for the conventional hung sashes for the custom window you have installed on your home. There are also options for units that have a horizontal operation instead of the conventional vertical design.

Casement And Awning Windows For Custom Solutions And Needs For Different Areas

Casement windows are a more modern solution for the windows you have installed in your home. These are the windows that have a crank on the inside, which opens the window outward like a door. This is a good solution for modern designs and automation solutions that can be integrated into the window design. In addition to casement units, awning units are another option that opens upward and can be used in spaces where there is a smaller space for windows, such as windows in a basement or other areas where there is not enough clearance for the conventional units.

Adding Arches, Sidelights, And Transoms For The Custom Window Designs For Your Home

There are also a lot of custom window details that can be added to the units to give your home a custom design. Some of the options that you may want to consider for the additional custom details for your window units include:

  • Arches that can be attached to standard units or custom windows
  • Transoms that are additional glass added to the top of windows and doors
  • Sidelights that are the smaller side glass features added to window and doors
  • Custom window shapes like round or oval units

These are some of the custom window options that can be added to standard size units or be independent custom windows on their own for the custom design of your home.

Different Options For Materials, Grids, Casings, And Trim Moldings For Your Custom Windows

The trim and details that are added to your windows are important. Before you choose the additional details for your windows, you will want to choose the materials, which can be wood, vinyl, or metal. The details that can be added to the trim and grids of windows include:

  • Integrated blinds and window treatments between glass panes
  • Custom grids for the glass panes
  • More detailed trim around the exterior casing and larger friezes
  • Custom interior casing finishes for custom woodwork to finish the interior window seals

These are some of the grid, casing, and molding features that you can choose from when choosing the custom windows that are going to be installed in your home.

This information will help you choose the right custom windows for your home when you get ready to install windows and doors. If you are ready to start choosing the windows for your home, contact a custom home window service and talk to them about some of these options for the design of your home.