Repair Or Replace? How To Approach Three Different Window Problems

22 October 2019
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When your window develops a problem, you have to decide if you want to repair the window or if you want to replace it. When it comes to the question of repairing or replacing the window, it really depends upon the issue you are facing. 

Window Problem #1: Cracked Windowpane 

If your windowpane has a little crack or chip in it, you may be able to fix it. Just like when you get a tiny crack or chip on your windshield, that tiny damaged area can be filled in with a filler, which will reduce the viability of the damage while strengthening your window. A window glass installation or repair service can take care of this for you. 

If the crack is really serious though, such as a crack that extends multiple inches across the glass, you are going to need to replace the glass. The strength of the glass is now compromised, and over time, the crack will more than likely spread even further, creating additional damage to your window and perhaps even making the window fall apart.  

Window Problem #2: Drafts Around the Window 

When you walk past your window, you should not be able to feel the air from outside. If you can feel the air from outside when you walk past your window, then you have a draft problem.  

The first thing you should do if you have a draft problem is to inspect your window. Is the caulking around the outer edge of the window frame peeling off? If so, try re-caulking your window and see if that reduces the draft. Is the weather stripping inside of the window pane worn down? If so, try replacing the weather stripping. 

If your window is still drafty after you caulk around the window and change the weather stripping, the integrity of the window may not be that great. The window frame could be loose, or there could be another underlying issue. Have a window expert look at the window to let you know if the window needs to be replaced.

Window Problem #3: Damaged Lock 

You need your window to close properly. When your window closes properly, you are able to cut down on drafts from your window. A properly working lock will also help keep your home secure.  

With a damaged lock, oftentimes all that you need to do is have the lock mechanism replaced on the window. This is a really simple fix that a window repair technician or a locksmith can do for you. 

However, if your lock is not working because your window is severely warped and out of alignment, changing the lock mechanism will not fix the issue. You need to replace the window.  

When it comes to deciding if you should repair or replace your window, it is really about what type of damage you have to deal with and how extensive that damage is and if repairing the window is the best option or replacing it is. If you are not sure, consult with a professional who works with replacement windows who will be able to advise you on the best course of action.