3 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Old Wood Windows

23 October 2018
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Older homes often featured wood windows. These wood windows were the best option available at the time the older homes were built, but advancements in technology have yielded more efficient and secure window products.

You can easily determine when your wood windows need to be replaced by watching for some simple signs that indicate your existing windows are no longer protecting your home.

1. Excessive Noise

When homeowners think about the protection their windows can provide, they rarely consider the negative effects noise pollution can have on daily life. Older wood windows can lose their ability to insulate your home's interior against the noises produced outside.

Replacement windows will feature two separate panes of glass to help muffle even the loudest of sounds produced outside your home. You will be surprised at the peace and serenity you will enjoy within your home when you make the choice to replace noisy wood windows with new vinyl window products.

2. Rising Energy Costs

Windows play an important role in helping to maintain a constant temperature inside your home.

Wood windows can shrink with age, resulting in gaps that allow air transfer between your home's interior and the outside environment to occur. These gaps make it challenging to maintain a warm interior during the winter, and they can allow cool air to escape from your home during the hot summer months.

If you notice an upward trend in your monthly energy costs, investing in replacement windows could be a great way to reduce utility costs in the future.

3. Structural Deficiencies

One of the most obvious signs that it's time to replace the old wooden windows in your home is evidence of a structural deficiency.

Rot is a common problem for wood windows. Moisture can absorb into the grain of the wood, causing the frame of your wooden windows to become saturated. This saturation softens the wood, making the window frame more susceptible to failure.

Another structural deficiency that can be addressed with replacement windows is a sash that becomes stuck during use. Windows need to be able to open and close effectively to avoid becoming a safety hazard within the home. If you have a hard time opening your wood windows or if the windows will not stay open by themselves, then you should replace these damaged windows with reliable vinyl replacement windows.

Don't let wood windows compromise the comfort and security of your home. Invest in replacement windows before old wood windows detract from the function and beauty of your home.