Window Treatments That Accent Your Home's Interior And Are Functional

1 August 2018
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Window treatments have changed over the years but while the styles are different, some of the old ideas still carry through. What was more functional in the past has become more about style in many cases and an important part of making the room look the way you want it to. Whether you are putting window treatments up for looks or for functions, there are a lot of choices and options you might want to consider for your home.

Shutters and Solid Coverings

While there are interior and exterior shutters available, when you are looking at installing shutters as a window treatment, it is the interior shutters that come into play. Plantation shutters, as they are often called, are made of solid wood and installed inside the window. The have louvers in them that can be opened or closed to allow light in or out as you like and they look very nice in just about any space. They can offer higher durability than a shade or a curtain but the cost of the shutter is higher as well. If they are custom made to fit your windows, that can add even more to the cost but the allows you to cover part or all of the window and have shutters put on windows with rounded tops or other abnormal shapes.

Shades and Blinds

Like shutters, shades or blinds are mostly functional and in most cases are not put on a window for looks. They serve a function like keeping the light out or keeping people outside from being able to see into your home at night when the lights are on. There are some very nice looking blinds on the market that could be used by themselves as a window treatment. Blinds made of natural wood and stained or painted are often accompanied by a simple valance above the window. The cheaper blinds found in a lot of homes that are made from plastic or aluminum can be used the same way but they do not have the durability of the wooden blinds and may not last as long but for the price, many times they become the simple solution.

Curtains and Drapes

If you would rather have a stylish fabric treatment on your window, you can install a nice set of drapes that can be pulled to block out the light and opened in the morning to allow the sun in. Drapes are typically heavier material than a curtain and often they go all the way to the floor. While curtains can also be used on your windows, they do not block light as well and tend to be a lighter material. When it comes to function, drapes do the job while curtains are more often hung on the windows to look nice.