How to Replace Your Door Frames

3 January 2017
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Did you know that you can usually replace your interior door frames quite easily? Most people don't realize that the decorative jambs and the traverse around the doors can be removed quite easily. This decorative molding largely determines the style of your doors. So you can dramatically change the style of your doors just by changing the frames. This article explains how to best upgrade your door styles by replacing the frames.

Ordering Your Replacement Molding

The key to ordering replacement molding is making sure your new product is wider than the old molding. This way your new product will cover the lines from your old molding and caulk line. If your molding is smaller or the same size, you will need to do a lot more work to hide the evidence of the old molding lines. You can find a door molding that matches with your crown and baseboard molding. Most molding manufacturers make a range of products that look great together.

Removing the Frame Molding

Removing your old molding is easy if you have the right tools. Most importantly, you need a utility knife, a hammer, and a couple of flathead screwdrivers. First, you need to cut away the caulk. This will break the seal of the molding. The molding will usually be attached to the frame with only nails. However, if your molding is attached with nails and glue, it will be much more difficult to pry the molding away. You don't have to worry too much about damaging the frame or the drywall because your new molding will cover it.

Installing the New Pieces

The key to installing molding is using a miter saw and a nail gun. Make sure you have a compound miter saw so you can cut angles for the where the jamb and traverse meet. When you cut 45-degree angles for the corners, the miter design of the molding lines up. You can usually use just nails, without any glue, to secure the molding to the frame. Make sure you use a finish nail gun because it won't leave behind the large holes that you need to fill later on. Try to shoot the nails on both sides of the molding.

The final step is to caulk the edges. This is important because it seals the molding and makes it blend in with the wall. Replacing your door frames is a simple and affordable way to change the dynamic of your home.