Two Tips For Caring For Your Wood Window Shades

14 April 2016
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Wooden window shades can be an excellent way of improving the comfort of your home's interior while also giving it an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Unfortunately, there are some fairly common mistakes that homeowners make that may drastically shorten the lifespan or compromise the appearance of wooden shade. By using these tips, you will be in a better position to ensure that your window shades last for as long as possible before you need to replace them.  

Keep The Shades Finished

Over the course of time, your window shades will be subject to the intense light generated by the sun. This exposure can cause wood to become discolored, faded and brittle due to drying out essential oils in the wood. Fortunately, you can easily mitigate this problem by making sure to apply a finish to the shades every year or two. These substances will reflect much of the sun's intense ultraviolet light while also forming a seal to keep the oil in the wood as well as replenishing any oils that may have been lost. Sadly, some homeowners may forget when they last finished their shades, which can cause them to go for extended periods of time without applying a fresh coat. To help you avoid this problem, you should write the date you applied the finish in a discreet area on the blinds.  

Avoid Using Harsh Cleaners

It will eventually be necessary for you to remove any dirt or dust that may have started to collect on your shades. Unfortunately, some homeowners may make the mistake of using harsh commercially available cleaning solutions. These solutions can often contain strong acids that can wear away the finish and damage the wood. To avoid this problem, you should consider using diluted apple cider vinegar to clean your shades. This solution will be strong enough to easily remove stubborn dirt while being gentle enough to avoid damaging your wood shades. To get the best results from this approach to cleaning, you should wipe down the shades with this solution every month.

Caring for wood window shades can be a difficult task for many new homeowners to do because they may be unsure of what type of care this part of the home requires. If you appreciate the need to apply a finish to the window shades as well as the benefits of avoiding harsh cleaning solutions, you will be far better suited to get the most from this part of your house.

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