How To Design The Entry Of Your Home With A Garden Theme

9 March 2016
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Have you noticed that there are more birds in your area and that little touches of green are emerging all over the place? Spring is right around the corner! No matter how much you love winter, you are probably very happy to welcome the spring and summer months. If you are redecorating the entryway to your home with a garden theme in mind, you'll be bringing the outdoors right into your home. From the right furniture to the perfect window treatment, here are some ideas that will help you plan something unique and lovely.

The Walls - If you're wanting to paint the walls of your entryway, consider a color that will blend with the wall treatment of the next room, probably one of your main living areas. The colors of nature will be a great way to match the garden decor you will be selecting. Go with the soft hue of blue that you find in the sky or with the color of some of your favorite flowers. Yellow, off-white or white would also be good choices. Wallpaper would be nice, too. Choose a wallpaper with flowers, leaves, bamboo, butterflies or birds in the design.

The Furniture - Is there enough room for you to place an entry table and one or two chairs in your entry space? If so, wicker would be a wonderful selection because it would set a garden mood. Paint it white or another color that will complement your wall treatment. If you would rather have upholstered chairs, select a plain color for your fabric and add throw pillows with flowers or garden animals on them. Of course, a floral pattern would be good for the upholstery, too.

The Window Treatment - You've probably seen small films that are used on windows of stores during different holidays. However, you can also buy large decorative window films for home use that are stunning. The great part about window films is that they let the sunlight in, but they still give you privacy. They're also very affordable and so easy to apply that you can do the job yourself. For your garden theme, choose a window film that features things like flowers, animals, butterflies, and dragonflies. When fall arrives, you can easily remove the film and replace it with an autumn design. Companies like Green Light Window Films may be able to help you find the right film for your needs.

Look at nurseries, antique shops, resale shops, country stores and at yard sales where you will surely find unique things like hanging bird houses, garden statuary and other pieces that will be perfect for your garden-themed entryway.