Replacing The Windows In Your Home? How To Upcycle Them Instead Of Throwing Away

9 December 2015
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Replacing old windows in your home is a smart decision.  They not only add to the value of your house, but they can also save you money. This is because newer windows are much more energy efficient now than they were in the past. When the contractor removes the old windows, below are several ways you can upcycle them.


If your windows are made of wood, you can use them for shelving. Paint the wood for each window in a color that goes well with your home décor. When you are finished painting, put a clear acrylic seal over the paint to protect it. Hang the windows on your wall. Nail a shelf at the bottom of each window and you have new shelving.  You can attach more than one shelf to each window, if you prefer.

Picture Frame

If you are removing double hung windows that have grids, you can turn them into picture frames. Measure the grids so you know the size of pictures you need. You want the pictures to fill the entire opening, if possible.  

Get a piece of cardboard that is large enough to fit behind the window. Spray paint it a color that matches well with the pictures. This is just in case your pictures are not large enough to fill the opening of the grid.

Tape the pictures to the cardboard so that they will line up with the grids of the window. When you are finished, use a staple gun to attach the cardboard to the back of the window frame.


Purchase some chalkboard paint with a black finish at a home improvement store. Brush the paint on each window pane. You need to let the window sit for at least three days to give the chalkboard paint time to cure.  After this time, you can use chalk on it. Use it to put messages for your family, your favorite quotes, or whatever you want. Put a small tray at the bottom of the window as a place to keep chalk if you want. This would work well for any type of window you have, either full pane or a window that has grids. It also works well with both wood and vinyl windows.

If you are not able to use all the windows that were replaced, take them to a recycling center to be recycled. The contractor you hired to put in your new windows will likely be willing to take them away for you also. For more information, talk to a company like Beissel Window & Siding.