A Couple Of Window Replacement Questions Answered

9 August 2015
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If you own your home long enough, you will likely need to have the windows replaced at some point. This can occur due to either damage or wear and tear. Sadly, there are many people that lack much experience with this type of work, and this can cause them to have some questions about this process. After considering the following couple of questions and answers, you should find that you are better prepared for what to expect from having this work done to your home. 

Can You Have Replacement Windows Installed During The Winter Months?

There is a common assumption that it is not advised to have your windows changed during the winter months. This misconception stems from a variety of causes, but it should be noted that there is no reason this work can not be done during the winter months. 

For those that are concerned about letting cold air into the home during this work, the contractors that you hire for this task will take numerous precautions to minimize the amount of cold air let into the home. As an example, these professionals will seal the doors in the room they are working. Additionally, they can deploy a tarp to help make a barrier against drafts. 

Will You Also Need To Order Replacement Storm Windows?

Storm windows are essential for homes in areas that are particularly prone to experiencing strong storms. These windows are a sizable investment in a home because they must be designed and built to withstand extreme conditions. Not surprisingly, people will often want to attempt to retain them for use on their new windows. This may be possible if your new windows are the exact size as your old ones, but if there are even slight differences, this may not be a viable option. 

If there are even small gaps or areas where the storm window is not securely fitted to the house, air can get under this gap, and it may tear the storm window off of the house. To prevent this from occurring, you will need to have your window contractor inspect the storm windows to determine whether they can safely fit over your new windows or need to be replaced. 

The installation of replacement windows is a task that most homeowners will need to eventually do to their homes. If you are unsure of what this process will be like, understanding these two answers to common window replacement questions will help you to anticipate what this process will be like, which can help you feel less stressed during this work.