Four Window Replacement Options To Choose For Different Windows In The Home

30 July 2015
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Saving energy is a priority for many homeowners when they do improvements. This can be done by doing things like adding insulation to an attic or replacing windows. Window replacements can vary, which confuse many people. This is because replacement windows are special types of windows that are meant to be installed in existing homes. Here are some window replacement solutions to help you with your home improvements:

1. Replacement Windows To Be Installed In Existing Casing

If you have window casing that is in good shape, a normal replacement window can be a good choice. These windows can be fastened to the inside of window casing once the old sashes have been removed. Replacements are like inserts that fit right in the old opening. They can come in materials such as vinyl, metal and wood.

2. Complete Window Replacement For Areas Where Casing Cannot Be Saved

If the casing is damaged, a replacement may not always be a good idea. Sometimes the casing can be repaired and saved, but it may be better to consider another option for extensive damage. You can have the entire window replaced with a new window that comes complete with casing. If you have brick or masonry, you will want to make sure that the new casing has the same dimensions as the old window.

3. Replacing Glass For Custom And Fixed Glass Windows And Doors

Replacing glass is another option for windows where replacements cannot be used. Often, windows with custom glass or fixed glass will need to have the glass replaced. You can get new energy efficient glass to replace the old window. If you have replacement windows with grid inserts, you can also get new glass to match all the other windows in your home.

4. Improving Windows That Are Not Going To Be Replaced

You may not want to replace all the windows or glass in your home. Some windows can have features like stained glass or custom inserts that you like. There are other options for these windows, such as window film to make the glass more energy efficient. You may want to consider other improvements like window treatments to help insulate these windows.

These are some of the different improvements that you may want to consider when replacing your windows.  If you are ready to save energy in your home, contact a window replacement service like Window Planet to get what you need for the windows and doors in your home.