3 Tips for Protecting Your Windshield in the Summer

25 June 2015
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With everything you have planned for the summer, you may not think very much about your car's windshield. However, cracks in your windshield can make driving unsafe as well as inconvenient. Here are some easy tips you can use to ensure that you protect your windshield during hot summer days.

Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes

One of the things to remember is that your windshield expands and constricts a bit as a result of both the temperature inside the car and the weather outside the car. Sudden temperature changes put stress on the windshield that may result in tiny cracks that grow over time.

Therefore, if you're washing your car in the summer, make sure you don't use freezing cold water on the windshield if the car has been sitting out under a blazing sun for hours. Cool your car with the air conditioner or open all the windows for an hour before you wash the car to make sure the cold water doesn't shock the glass (don't forget to close the windows before you use the water!). You can also park your car under a tree or in a garage so it can cool down before you wash the windshield.

Make Sure Your Car is Safe During Storms

Depending on where you live, the summer is a time when there can be strong lightning storms and heavy rainfall. To protect your car's windshield, it's always a good idea to park your car somewhere that will not expose the glass to tree branches or other debris that may be blowing around in the wind. If you cannot park your car in a garage, consider buying a weatherproof car cover that will protect your windshield from flying objects that could cause cracks.

Use the Right Windshield Wipers

You might not know this, but there are different windshield wipers recommended for the summer months and winter months.  Winter wipers tend to be formulated to function properly in low temperatures and are more flexible than summer windshield wipers. In the summer, winter wipers may become soft after sitting all day in the hot sun; be sure to put on summer wipers that can withstand the heat so that you don't have to deal with any scratches on the windshield glass.

Use the tips in this article to take care of your car's windshield in the warm summer months. If you do need to have your windshield replaced, get in touch with a glass replacement service like Mr Go-Glass that offers mobile services so that they can fix the windshield at your home or job.