3 Unusual Siding Materials To Make Your House Stand Out

23 June 2015
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One of the best parts about being a homeowner is that you are able to make sure that your house looks exactly the way that you would like. One of the main things that people are going to see when they first look at your house is which kind of siding you used. If you use vinyl siding or a brick facade, chances are good that your house is going to look similar to the houses around it and not make a lasting impression on the viewer. If you want people to remember the way that your house looks on the outside, consider using one of these three unusual siding materials. They'll help your house stand out from the others.

1. Barn Wood

One cool idea is to use reclaimed barn wood for your house. Barn wood is designed to be sturdy and practical when it's first installed, rather than be designed to be aesthetically pleasing. However, after the barn wood has been up for several months, the wind will have weathered it so that it sports interesting gradients of grey. You can use barn wood on your home as a form of siding. Some businesses will create their own barn wood and weather it in a factory, while other companies will specialize in finding barns that need to be torn down and do it for a reduced cost, as long as they are able to take the wood. This is helpful because it allows you to get the siding that you want without using up any more of nature's resources.

2. Mushroom Wood

Many coal mines that have been stripped of all of their resources are now being used to grow mushrooms. These mushrooms are grown in planters that are made out of cedar wood. It's possible to reclaim any damaged planters and use them as siding. Because the planters have been used for mushroom growth, they will often have absorbed some of the mushroom nutrients, which effects the color of the wood. If you use mushroom wood as your siding material, your house will be a rich variety of brown colors.

3. Railroad Ties

Finally, you can have your siding be made out of reclaimed railroad ties. These ties will have been weathered to the point where their grain is very apparent, allowing your house to stand out. You will also be able to feel confident that you did not have a negative impact on the environment, since you were able to use recycled wood.

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