Three Tips To Avoid Common Window Replacement Snags

10 February 2019
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Are your windows old and drafty? Do they creak and rattle? Maybe they just look outdated and you've decided that it's time for a refresh. There are as many reasons for replacing windows as there are homeowners, but whatever is driving your particular decision you will want to make sure that your window installation is done quickly, professionally, and correctly. Your home's windows are a major component of its curb appeal, overall value, and livability, so getting them installed properly is a necessity. Read More 

Tips For Saving Energy With Your Windows

8 January 2019
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While many people try to save energy in their home by turning off lights or limiting their HVAC system usage, another way to do it is with your windows. Consider these tips to help ensure your windows are not causing high energy bills. Check The Windows For Leaks When you're running your air conditioner, you'll want to take steps to make sure that your windows are now causing all that cool air to potentially leak outside your home. Read More 

3 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Old Wood Windows

23 October 2018
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Older homes often featured wood windows. These wood windows were the best option available at the time the older homes were built, but advancements in technology have yielded more efficient and secure window products. You can easily determine when your wood windows need to be replaced by watching for some simple signs that indicate your existing windows are no longer protecting your home. 1. Excessive Noise When homeowners think about the protection their windows can provide, they rarely consider the negative effects noise pollution can have on daily life. Read More 

How To Tell If Your Windows Need To Be Replaced

12 September 2018
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It's easy to know if you need a new tire because if it's flat and you're stuck on the side of the road, you're not going to go anywhere unless you do get a new one. It, can however, be a lot more difficult to tell if you need something like new windows. Because window replacement is something that's fairly expensive, you want to make sure that it's something that you actually need and not just something that you want. This article will list a few tell-tale signs that you are in need of new windows. Read More 

Window Treatments That Accent Your Home’s Interior And Are Functional

1 August 2018
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Window treatments have changed over the years but while the styles are different, some of the old ideas still carry through. What was more functional in the past has become more about style in many cases and an important part of making the room look the way you want it to. Whether you are putting window treatments up for looks or for functions, there are a lot of choices and options you might want to consider for your home. Read More